Games improve reaction: myth or reality?


Rather often today on the Internet it is possible to come across such extremely original opinion, say, various dynamic computer flash of game online allows to acquire quicker and better information and especially successfully to improve reaction. In domestic and foreign mass media similar opinions already caused a considerable resonance, however some scientists hurry to doubt fidelity of similar judgments and to their compliance to a real state of affairs.

Certainly, by no means it is impossible to deny the fact that some computer games (for example, dress-up game for girls and race for boys) even were included in programs of various therapies which purpose was a detailed studying of the matter and carrying out research over advantage of video games. However, scientists from Florida state university incline to that all these judgments – it is rather a myth, than reality.

All business today agree that there are no reasonable scientific proofs of at all that if the boy in any races online will drive free of charge, his reaction will improve. Most often similar hearings are started by absolutely incompetent persons and the bodies interested in it. And it is difficult to call the researchers conducted in the field reliable as in science there is no exact method of measurement of similar indicators yet. According to researchers, the idea about advantage of video games is attractive thanks to opportunity easily to reach result as video games do not demand special efforts. Nevertheless, still any research did not reveal any special influence of video games on reaction of the person.

Results of the set of other researches given questions allegedly show us that reaction of skilled gamers is slightly better, than at people who prefer to spend a free time in real, but not in virtual space. However, the American professors hurry to notice that it does not prove advantage of computer games at all. After all there is also a reverse of the medal — theoretically perhaps that simply the people of the birth having good reaction become successful gamers, and not vice versa. For this reason, scientists recommend if to play any entertaining appendices, only just for the hell of it, but not for the sake of any doubtful training of a brain.